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Belles fleurs de couleurs romantiques lumiere naturelle Contest Winners Announcement 14 September 2011

September 14th, 2011

Aloha everyone . our dynamic and very popular group Dimensions has successfully launched and hosted the :: Belles fleurs de couleurs romantiques lumière naturelle :: . . Fine Art Floral Contest . . There are many lovely submissions and I enjoyed viewing them . thank you so much for your interest and participation and for submitting your beautiful imagery . Please join me in congratulating our talented contest winners

First Place Winner: Romantico by Angela Doelling AD DESIGN Photo and PhotoArt

The theme for our lovely floral art contest is "Belles fleurs de couleurs romantiques lumière naturelle" . which translates to - beautiful colours flowers romantic natural light - . . Romantico is an exquisite work of floral art . an elegant beauty which so perfectly represents this contest theme . . soft and romantic with lovely soft shades of pink and a marvelous light masterful touch on layering and textures . it is very beautiful . . congratulations Angela on your First Place winning entry
Art Prints

Second Place Winner: Magical Lotus Flower by Byron Varvarigos

. . it is a wonderful exposure with marvelous balance and no shadows on the petals. a sensational beauty selected for Byron's photographic technical excellence and for the blossom's perfection in nature . . love the complimentary background colours with deep green foliage showcasing this exotic pink Lotus as such a perfect bloom and the natural light and colours are aesthetically appealing . . it is a very beautiful photograph Byron . congratulations on your Second Place winning entry
Photography Prints

Third Place Winner: Waterlilies by Renate Nadi Wesley

. . Love the light dancing on the water shimmering with the marvelous reflections of blue sky and clouds on the surface of the pond . . the wonderful soft shadows and natural colours are peaceful and aesthetically appealing . . marvelous balance with the lily pads and the delicate pink Lotus blossoms . it is poetic . delightful work Renate . soothing and so gentle . the longer I gaze at it the more I see . it is truly a very beautiful work of art Renate . Congratulations on your Third Place winning entry
Photography Prints

As I described in the contest guidelines . the only requirement for this contest is the image must be so beautiful it is breathtaking . . the winning images are truly breathtaking and will be featured on the Dimensions group homepage . thank you everyone and congratulations again to our winners .

Aloha mai e . .

Sharon Mau
1707HST 14 September 2011

Belles Fleurs De Couleurs Romantiques Lumiere Naturelle

August 17th, 2011

belles fleurs de couleurs romantiques lumière naturelle

Aloha . greetings from the beautiful tropical island of Maui . . I invite you to an exciting new contest to submit your finest most beautiful original work . you must own full copyright on your submissions . . images accepted to the Fine Art America Hawaii Group Gallery may be in published in :: Square Format :: or universal :: Dimensions :: . .

. The subjects are:




Romantic Colours

Natural Light

. . Welcome to the :: belles fleurs de couleurs romantiques lumière naturelle :: fine art floral contest . . .

. You are invited to submit your very best . fine art photography all mediums of artistic expression are welcome . . . each artist may submit 3 images . .

. featuring beautiful tropical flowers and a universal display of exquisite botanicals nature's finery from all around the world . . . your beautiful flowers may be from any region in the world . . we welcome only your very best work . the only requirement is the image must be so beautiful it is breathtaking . . . the winners will be featured on the Hawaii group homepage .

Aloha mai e . .

Sharon Mau . .

17 August 2011

Iceland link By Michel Rajkovic Photographies

August 14th, 2011

My Groups Open Invitation 03 July 2011

July 3rd, 2011

This is an open invitation to join and submit your finest and most beautiful images to the groups I host as well. With more exposure on FAA we have more opportunities for making sales as well as friendships as we enjoy our international social network, we all share a great passion for fine art and visual communication . after all . that is the primary reason most of us are here . as well as to build a dynamic storefront . develop friendships . market our work and enjoy sales .

There are a wide variety of subjects of interest, literally something for everyone, and each group gallery is specialized. Have a look at the group's Featured Work galleries for an understanding of the content and professional quality I am looking for in each group. As you will see, the new groups I have launched and host on FAA are interesting . some are young groups as I work to campaign them to recruit new members and showcase the very best images FAA has to offer our viewers. I am interested in quality and not quantity . I would rather have a small specialized group with a beautiful fine art gallery than a incomprehensibly large group with thousands of unmoderated images flooding the groups that few people would wish to wade through in search of a fine art print . I am very pleased we now have a moderation queue . . I feature on the groups homepage and once an image is featured it remains on the homepage as a representation of the best of the best in the gallery . as we still do not yet have a group feature gallery

The groups are not only devoted to fine art photography and beautiful well composed candid photography, as well as landscapes, seascapes, florals, ,macro, monotone, tropical art and still life studio work, etc. but also to traditional style fine art paintings, sketches, watercolours, as well as digital art, fine art impressionist style photography, and all other artistic mediums. I actively promote the beautiful works of those artists I admire.

Mouse over the group titles below, they are live links. Click on them and you will navigate to the group homepage. As I said . each group is specialized so please be sure to review the group guidelines

Square Format
Polynesian Connection
Tropical Paradise
Greeting Cards
Still Life Fine Art and Food Photography
Reflections of Beauty
Sensational Sun
Americas Rural Urban Wild Free
Wetlands Ponds Lakes and Rivers
Alaska Beyond Your Dreams
Atmospheric Optics
Jolly Olde Saint Nicholas
The Unicorner

Aloha kakou, warm greetings from the beautiful island of Maui

It is wonderful how the activity feed works on Fine Art America .
There are beautiful images streaming through the image feed every day.
I love that about it, and I actually seek out images on this site for that very reason, to view and admire them, learn from them, sometimes purchase them . and if I resonate with it . when I really love the work, I favourite them and may recruit the photographer and/or artist to join and showcase their work in my groups. It is one of the things I love about this virtual community. If I could redesign the image feed it would stream my favourites of those on my watchlist as well as the recent art from the homepage :))

Depending on my interest of the day, often I type random keywords into the search browser on this site and discover the most extraordinary beauty. Often this work is also buried in the back pages of other groups archives with no comments for over two years. I smile to myself when I comment and favourite the work and then find within days it is featured in other groups or on the homepage. It is like breathing life into their work. I think due to the sheer volume of art streaming in on this site the life span for an image on this site is about 7 minutes :)))

We must work to keep our work alive and on the front pages so that it is not buried in the depths of obscurity. The portfolio collections on this site are a tremendous source of creative inspiration and I am constantly amazed, dazzled and inspired by the many brilliant and talented photographers and artists on this site. I have learned so much from other photographers .

My groups are specialized and they are continuously being refined and redefined. I enjoy them all. With the many subjects in content there is quite literally something for everyone. And like many Hosts on Fine Art America, of those groups which I moderate, I have my favourites for the subject and content and Dimensions is on the top of the list…. although now that I have launched :: Monotone :: and :: Starz :: this may change . . . I know this may come as a surprise considering I live on the beautiful tropical island of Maui and I host the Hawaii group as well as Tropical Paradise and Polynesian Connection . yet the lovely tropical islands of the world are included within Dimensions as well as many other beautiful cultures and subjects and places around the world. I love them all. Dimensions covers such a wide range of content, subjects and styles, it is a multi-faceted international community with many interests. Some websites have described our groups as little villages and it is so true, the artists are wonderfully inspiring.

For those of you who have featured my work, and for those who have visited me, responded and left wonderful comments and notes on my work, mahalo nui loa, thank you very much. I cherish every single message . Hopefully you will understand about Time and slow wireless connection as so much of my free time online is devoted to viewing and featuring and promoting other artists work. For those who have purchased my work I extend to you my heartfelt gratitude :))

The images you see in the various galleries and featured in all the groups I host are chosen carefully and featured based on their own individual merit with my compliments to you. For me this is not a popularity contest. I look at the image first and then I view the entire portfolio of the Artist. I am familiar with every single member of all my groups, not on a personal level of course, yet I recognise each one and thank you for joining, mahalo for your enthusiasm, and for contributing your beautiful artistic expressions.

There is so much more to moderating and hosting groups than many people realise. I do enjoy it very much. Most of all I enjoy bringing a smile to someone’s day with a feature . That is the fun part .

After hosting for a couple of years I have learned so much from all of you! This experience has certainly broadened my scope, opened my heart and widened my horizons as well as my interests . My primary goal is to offer talented photographers and artists an additional option to showcase your work. It is my gift of Aloha for you.

I wish for you to know I keep all these things in mind for consideration when moderating images. It is amazing how many members on this site totally ignore the hosts . While it is nice to hear from those members I promote . it is not required to receive a feature . yet I am an artist too and your gracious reciprocity . your wonderful encouragement and positive feedback means so much to me . For me it is purely and simply an honest straightforward altruistic approach and a sincere appreciation for images of beautiful Fine Art and the talented photographers and artists who create them.

Now perhaps you have a better understanding and an idea of what goes on behind the scenes.
As a Host, this is what I do and I love doing it

So, you may look at it this way . Consider the groups as Fine Art Galleries, as specialized wonderful shoppes where you may walk in from the street . enter and browse around at your leisure, very much like a beautiful fine art gallery you would enter in Wailea or Munich, Venezia, Lahaina, Manhattan, Black Stone River Valley, Cape Town, Melbourne, Honolulu, Pa’ia, Aix-en-Provence, Udaipur, London, San Francisco, Sidney, Tempe, Tres Ritos, La Paz, Ontario, Harrisburg, Hilo, Kyoto, Rome, Barcelona, Karachi, Sao Paulo, Bangkok, etc. etc. ....... The only things missing are the complimentary Clos du Mesnil and pupu

Mahalo nui loa and Aloha kakou.
Thank you so much for your kindness, and most of all your creative vision and beautiful art

Aloha mai ‘e, E pili mau na pomaika`i ia `oe.
May blessings be with you always.

Aloha mai e
Sharon Mau
first published on RB 25 August 2009

Forests group features

June 5th, 2011

. your lovely image is featured in :: Forests :: . congratulations . Whispers of the Enchanted Forests . . votre belle image est aussi dans:: Forêts::. félicitations. Chuchotements de la forêt enchantée

Sensational Sun group features

June 5th, 2011

. it is a beautiful sunset on the marina . be sure to add it to :: Reflections of Beauty :: as well as :: Dimensions :: . you are featured in :: Sensational Sun :: it is a gorgeous image . congratulations . . c'est un beau coucher de soleil sur le port de plaisance . assurez-vous de l'ajouter à :: Réflexions de la Beauté :: ainsi que :: Dimensions :: vous êtes aussi dans :: Sensational Sun :: c'est une image magnifique . félicitations .

Malamalama O Ka La

June 5th, 2011

Malamalama O Ka La

. thank you so much my darling friend . it was amazing for a moment before the sky was silver . and then suddenly it transformed into this beautiful burnished bronze in a golden glow casting the palms in silhouette in midday with sparkling golden sands . it was a beautiful evening on the beach with a cool tropical breeze over the ocean . I love the sound of the incoming waves as the ocean rocks . the brilliant sunlight was so intense over the horizon I could not gaze directly at it . . I love our beautiful island home . with love and aloha for you my sweet friend . blessings for you . This island is the gathering place of the winds * Time lays no claim upon the earth's spell of wonder * Earth's seasons are like the tides of the sea, ke kai, -- timeless and everlasting * When man has come and gone, the land will remain * Pele makes the land which is shaped by the ocean. * If you want to hear the secret voice of the wind, ka makani . you must first learn to listen * In your time upon this earth . remember to walk with dignity * Whale song calls me in my dreams * The luminescence of the ocean at night glows like Pele's fire upon the sands * The land is perpetuated in life * Whisper to the wind your secret longings Malamalama O Ka Lā enlightenment of the sun .. excerpts from the Hawaiian Book of Days :: Aloha :: Sunset Paako Beach Honuaula Makena Maui Hawaii .. Copyright (C) 2011 Sharon Mau - All Rights Reserved P H O T O G R A P H Y* Enjoy my work? Join me on my fan page

English to Welsh translation
. diolch yn fawr fy ffrind darling. roedd yn anhygoel am funud cyn i'r awyr yn arian. ac yna yn sydyn ei drawsnewid i mewn i hyn efydd prydferth llathredig mewn glow euraidd castio y palmwydd yn silwét mewn canol dydd gydag dywod euraidd pefriog. roedd hi'n noson hyfryd ar y traeth gyda trofannol awel oer dros y cefnfor. Rwyf wrth fy modd swn y tonnau sy'n dod i mewn fel môr y creigiau. yr haul wych oedd mor ddwys dros y gorwel y gallwn ni gaze uniongyrchol arno. . Rwyf wrth fy modd ein cartref ynys hardd. gyda chariad a Aloha i chi fy ffrind melys. fendithion i chi. Mae'r tir hwn yn y man casglu y gwyntoedd * Amser yn gosod unrhyw hawliad ar sillafu y ddaear o * rhyfeddod Ddaear yn tymhorau yn debyg y llanw y môr, ke kai, - * bythol a tragwyddol Pan fo dyn wedi mynd a dod, mae'r tir yn parhau Pele * yn gwneud y tir sy'n cael ei lunio gan y môr. * Os ydych chi eisiau clywed llais cyfrinach y gwynt, ka makani. mae'n rhaid i chi yn gyntaf ddysgu i wrando * Yn eich amser ar y ddaear hon. cofiwch i gerdded gyda gân urddas * Whale galwadau i mi yn fy mreuddwydion * Mae ymoleuedd y cefnfor yn tywynnu nos fel Pele's tân ar y * tywod yw'r tir yn parhau mewn bywyd * Whisper i'r gwynt eich cyfrinach longings goleuedigaeth :: Malamalama O Ka La :: ALl Ka o'r Dydd Sul .. dyfyniadau o Lyfr Hawaiian y Dyddiau:: Aloha:: Sunset Beach Paako Honuaula Makena Maui Hawaii .. Hawlfraint (C) 2011 Sharon Mau - Pob Hawl Reserved FFOTOGRAFFIAETH * http:/ / Mwynhewch fy ngwaith? Ymunwch â mi ar fy dudalen fan

Copyright Notice Sharon Mau 2011

May 28th, 2011

All images titles and ideas in my galleries are the 'intellectual property' of Sharon Mau and are therefore protected by international copyright laws .

No part may be used without the written authorization of Sharon Mau to include copying, duplicating, publishing, reproducing, storing in a retrieval system or transmitting by any means whatsoever. Purchasing a print conveys only the right to display the print as supplied. It does not convey any right to reproduce, copy or publish the image in any form at any time for any purpose .

Elemental Sorpresa Equilibrio Universale Elemental Balance Universal Surprise

May 22nd, 2011

Elemental Sorpresa Equilibrio Universale

Elemental Balance Universal Surprise

Waikamoi Rainforest

Maui Hawaii

~ Ode To Enchanted Light ~

under the trees light has dropped from the top of the sky . . light like a green latticework of branches . . shining on every leaf . drifting down like clean white sand . . a cicada sends its sawing song high into the empty air . the world is a glass overflowing with water . . poetry by Pablo Neruda

Chilean poet Pablo Neruda's unique style was recognized in 1971 when he won the Nobel prize for Literature

His poems are often passionate odes to love and nature . and he was once noted by the New York Times as the most influential and inventive poet of the Spanish language


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